ECAL introduction workshop

in collaboration with Robin Bervini

2018 Graduates with  Mariana Munoz & Yan Ku for 1GRANARY

Richard Schmidt & Luca 4 Ali Ekmekci

vertigo Lorena Souza Marques (VIVA Models) as styled by Andrew Passarge
 about  arrival

Marshall Vincent, Alyha Love & Nicole Caruana

4 SUCKULENCE, styling Oscar Paz, H&M Birthe Papathanasiou, location Blogfabrik Berlin

exit triad: textile print design & photography in collaboration with Sanja Grozdanic for KRASS Journal

as seen on Maxie Neu & Collo Awata


Claire in Rene Scheubenbauer and Emma Louise Peer

Art Direction  Misong Kim, words Rocco Greppi

On a very normal day, people all over the world start to melt down. They melt down and, as if they were made of rubber or heated glass, they merge together. They create a huge filament, and little by little this filament grows and expands until everyone on the planet becomes part of it. And it keeps growing, enveloping the houses, the trees, the birds and bees, old and young people, yokels and aristocrats, the intelligent and the moron, the libraries and jails, the houses of justice and those of pleasure, the mountains and the seas, the streams, the rivers, the deserts and the glaciers. The filament folds and winds on itself, and it keeps growing, until all you can see from the moon, is a big brain protecting the earth.

Climbing Family with Patrick McDowell for DAZED digital

Zane Zaza at the Mies Van der Rohe Pavillion, Barcelona
as a means to an end Martyna (VIVA Models) as styled by Andrew Passarge
Marina Dragzilla for OPULENCE IV
EVA & ADELE in collaboration with Sanja Grozdanic for KRASS Journal
Christina Seewald, SS17 as seen on Moyosore Briggs, Lena-Marie Zoechmeister and Nina Kunzendorf
Jennifer Anne as seen on Diana d'Alosio
Maxie Neu, Brooklyn, 04/2017
the image to come as seen on Lukas Gschwandtner
Alaa for OPULENCE III (queer techno party)
frankfurter schule styled by Louis Gabriel for Gen-U on Julia B. via EastWest Models and Juliane via Cocaine Models
apeirophobia styled by Julia Blamey, MUA Regina Khanipova, as seen on Oseka Jibril, Miranda Marquez and Amalia